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PLEASE NOTE: You only need to register / login if you wish to make representations.

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Previous Consultations:

Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan - Options and Preferred Options (consultation ended: 20/02/2017 5:00 PM)

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) (consultation ended: 25/09/2015 4:30 PM)

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) - Draft Charging Schedule and Draft Regulation 123 List Consultation - February - March 2015 (consultation ended: 27/03/2015 4:30 PM)

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule and Regulation 123 List - August - September 2014 (consultation ended: 26/09/2014 4:30 PM)

Main Modifications Consultation, August - September 2013 (consultation ended: 27/09/2013 4:30 PM)

Focused Amendments to the Proposed Submission Core Strategy - June - July 2012 (consultation ended: 27/07/2012 4:30 PM)

Proposed Submission Core Strategy Consultation August - September 2011. (consultation ended: 11/11/2011 4:30 PM)

Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions November 2008 - January 2009 (consultation ended: 30/01/2009 11:59 PM)

Rock Channel Rye Development Brief (consultation ended: 07/09/2007 4:30 PM)

North east Bexhill SPD (consultation ended: 27/07/2007 4:30 PM)

Core Strategy October 2006 (consultation ended: 08/12/2006 4:30 PM)

Development and Site Allocation (DaSA) Plan - Options and Preferred Options Errata:

1.  Policy DEN1, page 84. The cross-reference to ‘Policy DEN6’ in the last sentence should read ‘Policy DEN7’.

Proposed Submission Core Strategy Addendum - Attention is drawn to a revised Appendix 3 which corrects errors in figures relating to Rye and Rye Harbour and ‘total allocations required’.  However, these do not affect the ‘Total Housing Requirement 2011 – 2028’ for Rye and Rye Harbour or for the District as a whole.

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