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Representation 20036 on Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008 by Mr. Michael Rosner

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008 - 5. Overall spatial Development Strategy, Box 4 - Preferred Strategy for timing of Bexhill/Hastings Link Road
Representation: Oppose Link Road. Rational answer is a Bexhill by-pass instead of just tinkering with increasing congestion problem.
Dispute presumed 3 main objectives of Link Road;
1) Aim: Ease congested A259.
Point: A259 between E'bourne and Hastings voted 9th hardest road in country to navigate. How will 5,600 homes and light industrial units ease congestion? A greater volume of traffic will end up at King Offa lights causing greater gridlock on already dangerous A259. From 2000 to 2006, section of road King Offa Way to Barnhorn lane accounted for 5 fatalities and 100+ accidents. Link Road will just move congestion to another location.
2) Aim: Link Road as artery for regeneration.
Point: Have we got infrastructure and does Bexhill want this type of development. Will industry be attracted to to East Sussex with its inadequate road and rail communications.
3) Aim: Build a spur for proposed Link Road for purpose of using Ashdown brickworks as landfill site.
Point: Inadequate road access for heavy refuse lorries. Oppose having large landfill in Bexhill.

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