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Representation 20058 on Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008 by Laurence Keeley

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008 - 5. Overall spatial Development Strategy, Box 4 - Preferred Strategy for timing of Bexhill/Hastings Link Road
Representation: Paragraphs 5.79 to 5.93

Would like alternative plan, widening the existing road via Little Common, Pear Tree Lane, Lunsford Cross, towards Catsfield onto Crowhurst, coming out at Telham, then joining The Ridge. Old railway line could be use for monorail having car parks at both ends of new development, therefore the new housing will be car free. Houses would not be spread over the development are but would consist of a number of families who, while having their own accommodation, will be under one roof, therefore the transport would pass through the accommodation onto the multi-storey car parking. The monorail would be in operation all the time.

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