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Representations on Proposed Submission Core Strategy - Policy OSS2: Bexhill to Hastings Link Road and development

Representation ID: 21176

SUPPORT Wealden District Council (Mr David Phillips)


WDC requires further clarification is provided of the specific circumstances/timescales which would instigate a review/ partial review of the Core Strategy in terms of housing requirements and assessment of the level of growth possible in the event of the link road not proceeding. It is acknowledged the Link Road will bring wider economic benefits to the Sussex Coast Sub Region and further delays will have a wider economic consequence beyond Hastings/Bexhill. Policy OSS2 is considered to be wholly consistent with the SEP CC7

Further clarification is required to the timescales and conditions of instigating a review as proposed in Policy OSS2

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Representation ID: 21129

SUPPORT Highways Agency (Ms Elizabeth Cleaver)


We welcome this approach which demonstrates flexibility in accordance with PPS12. We note that the scale of development that could be delivered if the link road is not constructed is currently unknown. Given the high level of uncertainty surrounding link road funding we recommend this study be undertaken in advance of the EIP to provide a comprehensive assessment of impacts on the A259/A21.

Broad development areas in Bexhill, Hastings Fringe, Battle, Rye and surrounding villages are identified. In the event the link road is not constructed we support the policies that set out reduced development levels at Bexhill.

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Representation ID: 21112

OBJECT Town and Country Planning Solutions (Mr Michael Pickup)


The Government announcement regarding Link Road funding is imminent. The road is fundamental to the proposed strategy. It is appropriate to suspend the PSCS until the Link Roads future is known. Policy OSS2 introduces uncertainty.

If the road scheme were to be shelved/delayed, then alternatives should be considered to meet future housing needs. If the road scheme is shelved, then detailed investigation (SHLAA based) needs to be undertaken to consider housing potential in other locations.

Reducing Bexhill's housing development if the Link Road were shelved would have serious consequences. Alternatively, the Examination should be suspended until the outcome of Spending Review is known.

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Representation ID: 21067

OBJECT Crowhurst Park (Mr Colin Simmons) represented by Kember Loudon Williams Ltd (Mr. Jon Williams)


The effectiveness of the policy would be increased if supported by the added weight of a strategic land allocation for housing, employment and community facilities on land south of Battle Road (Breadsell Lane) at the NW Hastings fringe in association with Hastings Borough Council allowing greater certainty for the early provision of the bypass project and a potentially important source of funding for that project.

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Representation ID: 21018

OBJECT Marchfield Strategic Land Ltd (Mr Stephen Biart) represented by JB Planning Associates Ltd. (Mr. John Boyd)


Object as follows;
1. OSS2 is innapropriate to include in the CS as it effectively provides for 2 very different stragties to be followed, depending on Link Road decision.
2. Alternative cs should have been subject to SA.
3. Contingency scenario os inappropriate, unworkable and not justified. Nor will it be effective in delivering the housing strategy Strategic growth at West Bexhill is not dependent upon the Link Road.

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Representation ID: 20987

SUPPORT East Sussex County Council (Ms Ellen Reith)


Support is given to BHLR and its importance to the overall strategy for Bexhill. ESCC strongly support phased development if the BHLR is delayed. Support is not given to the redistribution of development to other settlements in the district if the Link Road is delayed.

Support is given to Policy OSS2 (iii) but further clarification is sought on OSS2 (iii - e). The assumption is the pre-link development rate as set out in Chapter 8 is merely an initial rate and will be revised once the scale of development is settled. ESCC does not support a continuation of the pre-link rate with significant consequences on the road network and local infrastructure. ESCC will continue to work with RDC/HBC on modelling work to inform the site allocations DPD

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Representation ID: 20946

SUPPORT Hillreed Developments Limited represented by Mr Alister Hume


Hillreed welcome the investigation of the capacity for growth in advance or without the Link Road

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Representation ID: 20774

OBJECT Trinity College represented by Bidwells (Mr John Long)


Trinity College accepts that the full release of the already allocated major Greenfield sites at North East Bexhill is contingent upon confirmation of the construction of the link road and welcomes the potential that partial release of the allocation may be acceptable, subject to traffic impacts being considered acceptable. However, Trinity College considers the criterion (iii) (b) of Policy OSS2 could be written more positively to reflect National good practice and emerging policy in the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Representation ID: 20718



OSS2 leaves too much for later determination.

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Representation ID: 20693



OSS2 leaves too much for later determination.

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Representation ID: 20576

SUPPORT Hastings Borough Council (Miss Stephanie Roots)


Hastings Borough Council considers it would be sensible to prepare for either option given the uncertainty around the Link Road. It would be useful to include more detail on the quantity, location and timing of housing and business development should the Link Road not go ahead, in order to assess how this will affect development in Hastings. This will be in keeping with guidance in the draft National Planning Policy Framework about planning strategically across local boundaries

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Representation ID: 20557

OBJECT Croudace Strategic Ltd represented by Portchester Planning Consultancy (Mr Tony Charles)


Whilst the early construction of the Bexhill/Hastings link road is supported, should funding for the road not be secured, the link road related development should be re-allocated to other parts of the District including, for example, to the West of Bexhill and by increasing the allocations in the Rural Service Centres.

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Representation ID: 20530

OBJECT Devine Homes represented by Courtley Consultants Ltd (Mr Howard Courtley)


Policy OSS2 does not accord with PPS3 or draft NPPF. It fails to provide any contingency on its 5yr supply or identify a supply of specific developable sites. It fails to meet the districts broad housing needs. It is not justified, effective or consistant with national policy

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